Watercolor Floral Illustration Class


Since shortly after I began this business, I have been very lucky to also provide spot illustrations for the super talented Elisabeth Connoly of Elisabeth Rose. She makes the most luxurious and gorgeous wedding stationery that you could dream of, and also owns the cutest shop in the heart of Davidson, NC. I will provide paintings for her to use in her wedding invitation suites from time to time, and let me tell you… she takes my work and turns it into something pure magic.

Several weeks ago, Elisabeth asked if I would be interested in teaching a watercolor floral illustration class to a group at her shop. I have to admit that my introverted self screamed at me and said “HELL NO!! DO NOT DO THIS”. But… I said yes very quickly before I had a chance to talk myself out of it. One thing I have tried to do since I started Boone & June is really push myself outside of my comfort zone, and so far it has really paid off when I do. This time was no exception.