About the Artist

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by Boone & June.  My name is Blair Frazier, and I grew up in a small town in North Carolina.  I have always had a strong love of art and design.  I can remember being in the third grade, and while all of my friends were making lemonade stands, I was going door to door selling paintings to all of my neighbors so I could earn money to buy souvenirs on a class field trip to the circus.  I earned enough to get some kind of toy that spun around and had flashing lights, but of course it broke before I got back on the school bus.  Somehow, I managed to overcome my heartbreak from working so hard only to come home empty handed.  Those life lessons start early, don't they?

Fast forward several years and a few more life lessons.  I moved to Boone, North Carolina to attend Appalachian State University.  I studied Art and Interior Design, and fell in love with the little college town of Boone.  After graduating, I moved to the Charlotte area and began my career as an Interior Designer.  I loved working with people to make their visions a reality in their homes, but my favorite part of the design process was to create renderings for client presentations.  It was always exciting to see a clients face when all of the design elements of a space came together and their vision came to life though my renderings.

After years of working as an Interior Designer, getting married, and starting a family, I left the industry to stay home with my two children. I never lost my passion for art and design. My background led me to create Boone & June, named for the town in which I developed a passion for art, and the month that I welcomed both of my children into the world.  Family and Art are the heart and soul of Boone & June, and the basis of everything I create.  I hope you came here curious, and leave inspired!